The project MODES_SNM is aiming at the design, construction, testing, and qualification of a mobile system for the detection of Special Nuclear Material (SNM).
It consequently addresses directly the Topic SEC-2011.1.5-1 Development of detection capabilities of difficult to detect radioactive sources and nuclear materials. The proposal springs off well defined needs of the end-user groups, and the availability of a novel detector technology platform.

End user needs

Working closely with end user groups to identify their needs, this project aims at fulfilling the requirements confirmed by the end users involved in this consortium. Beyond the specifications in security standards, the daily activity of security operators would benefit in a significant way by the access to:
  • Single stage screening (rather than two stage screening today consisting of primary screening with portal monitors and secondary screening with spectroscopic devices)
  • Mobile detection systems that can be brought to the site (rather than bringing the suspicious vector to the screening device)
  • Mobile detection systems that allow adapting to varying threat situations (rather than having only permanently installed screening devices)
  • Higher performance in detecting and identifying SNM (compared to today's devices that are better suited for detecting "dirty bombs" than SNM)
  • Higher standoff detection capability (any improvement over today's systems welcome)

The end user's group will closely follows the project development giving specific contribution to the man-machine interfaces, both hardware (WP4) and software (WP5), and evaluating the prototype characteristics (WP6).