Special Nuclear Materials (Highly Enriched Uranium and Plutonium) are difficult to detect, especially when masked or shielded: gamma rays and neutrons emitted by SNM have to be detected in order to increase the sensitivity against natural background.
These objectives will be pursued by optimizing a novel technology recently developed by ARKTIS, allowing the detection of all relevant radiation types and to engineer a prototype of a modular, compact, mobile detection system that will be qualified under laboratory conditions.
Moreover, it will be commissioned in an on-field campaign driven by the end-user group established in the project. The campaign will focus on both performance and usability aspects including the verification of the man-machine interface.
The MODES_SNM system shall satisfy two major requirements:

  • improving the state of art in detection of radioactive and Special Nuclear Material in terms of sensitivity for shielded SNM;
  • being usable by emergency responders in the field filling the gap between Radiation Portal Monitors and hand-held devices.