Expected Results

Improved SNM detection performance to detect weak or well-shielded SNM or SNM at larger stand-off. The proposed technology incorporates thermal and fast neutron detectors along with gamma ray detectors.These measurements are complementary: their combined power is expected to improve the system performances.
Improved usability: the MODES_SNM system will offer single stage screening (rapid primary screening and threat identification), being relocatable, enhancing the portability, and allowing adaptability to varying threat situations.

Milestones Status

MS1 - Requirements - ACHIEVED
MS2 - High Pressure Tubes - ACHIEVED
MS3 - SiPM Applicability - ACHIEVED
MS4 - Xe Detector for Gamma - ACHIEVED
MS5 - Xe Detector for Thermal Neutrons - ACHIEVED
MS6 - Prototype Quality Control - ACHIEVED
MS7 - Software Subroutines - ACHIEVED
MS8 - Read-out Electronics - ACHIEVED
MS9 - Demonstrator Characterization - ACHIEVED